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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Best Movie Line?

The AFI has posted its list of the 100 greatest movie lines of all time. We watched this on tv last night--I know, I know--and I generally agree with the list. But can it really be true that John Wayne never spoke a top-100 line, in all the movies that he did? Not that I can think of a John Wayne line, per se, off the top of my head, that deserves to be on the list. But Wayne did so many movies, so many great movies. Anyway.

No surprise that Casablanca dominates the list. In my opinion, the best movie of all time. Certainly the best speaking lines. (As Roger Ebert says on the DVD commentary track, the plot doesn't really make a lot of sense.) But Bogart movies dominate the list, even without Casablanca. Check it out.

Ronald Reagan makes the list: "win one for the Gipper." Charlton Heston is on twice, for Soylent Green, of course, and Planet of the Apes. But no Paul Newman (although Cool Hand Luke makes the list), no Robert Redford, and no William Shatner. The last, of course, spoke the immortal line:


Shoulda been on the list.

Also, no Jimmy Stewart. Really? And did they recognize Bill Murray's best line in Caddyshack? And no Chevy Chase in Fletch? Oh, the debate could rage all day.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger Wilson said...

The fact that "Luke, I am your father." was missing from the list was unforgivable.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

There should be a special list for quotes from the Star Wars movies. Lucas is the master of lines such as: "I used to bulls-eye wamprats back home in my T-37 [?]. They're not much bigger than two meters."


But I agree with Wilson.


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