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Monday, September 19, 2005

How Bad Are the Packers?

So the Browns-Packers game was on DC tv yesterday afternoon. The Browns managed to score 26 points, including two big yards-after-the-catch passes to Heiden (62 yard TD) and Braylon Edwards (80 yard TD). It looked to me that both of these big plays were the result of breakdowns in the Packers secondary. Further evidence of that: QB Trent Dilfer had an OK day (336 yards) and didn't throw any picks. The Browns had to rely on Dilfer (and Dawson's leg), because they managed just 55 yards on the ground . . . despite being in the lead for most of the game.

Favre had an OK game, throwing for 342, but those two picks killed him, even though the first pick was a tipped ball. (I hate it when those things show up in the stats; I guess that these balance out all the times the QB hits a defensive back in the hands, but the defensive back drops the ball.) The Pack managed to rush for 116 yards against the Browns for a total of 452 offensive yards . . . and a loss.

Why? Well, just looking at the numbers above should demonstrate that the Pack is awful against the pass. Dilfer had lots of time to find receivers downfield, and the receivers were often open. Dilfer looked pretty good against the Pack, which should tell you all you need to know. The Browns have no ground game (let's face it, they don't), but they still beat the Pack.

The Pack lost its opener to the Lions, who got crushed 38-6 by the Kyle Orton led Bears. Then they lose their home opener to the Browns. So . . . just how bad are the Packers?

Btw, mentioning the Lions' loss yesterday: Lions QB Joey Harrington threw five interceptions. How? Why is he still in the game after his fourth pick? I didn't see the game, but I'd say that the coaching staff was trying to break Harrington.


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