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Monday, September 05, 2005

Spam Comments

Some of you, especially Wilson, have already noted the infestation of spam comments in the last 48 hours. I was out most of the day, but I will see if Blogger has a solution. It seems that the spammers have a program that tracks "most recently updated" and just posts spam to those posts. If I weren't already so jaded and cynical, I'd be outraged.

And odds are (at least 10:1) that the first comment posted here will be spam.

Btw, highlights for next week: a couple of movie reviews and an account of my (upcoming) visit to view the Chief's body lying in state in the Supreme Court building.

Update: The spam comments problem should be fixed, now. Those of you who leave comments will notice an additional step needed to verify that you are not an automated system. Sorry, HAL.


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