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Monday, May 08, 2006

Lead Story, on Insanity and Colmes, Is . . . ?

Tonight, the lead story on Fox News' Insanity and Colmes is . . . the Duke rape case. Not turmoil at the CIA. Not violence in Iraq. Not the president's 31% approval rating. Not Darfur. Not high gas prices. Not even Patrick Kennedy's substance abuse problems.

No, the hard-hitting headline: "accuser first claimed 20 players raped her." Well, that manages to be titillating and sinister at the same time. Perfect Fox. Sean Insanity just asked one "expert" guest: "How do you go from 20 to three?" Now that's reporting. Now I'm deciding. To shut this bullshit off.

New Fox slogan: "We Report. But Bush is the Decider."


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