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Sunday, July 22, 2007

They're Called Running Shorts for a Reason

I had two pair of black running shorts I really liked. One pair wore out, and the other pair came up missing. No big deal, shouldn't be too hard to buy a new pair of plain black running shorts, right?

WRONG. The style in men's shorts, in general, and in running shorts, too, is longer and longer. I bought one pair of black running shorts that come down almost to my knees. Now, they look OK, I guess, but they aren't really comfortable for running. A big drawback for running shorts. The shops just aren't carrying "short" running shorts any more--and I don't mean those split-sided numbers that the really skinny guys wear. I just mean standard shorts from a few years ago, 3" inseam or less.

What is it with long shorts? Michael Jordan? He wasn't a track star, was he?


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Curat Lex said...

Like most of society's ills, it can be traced back to Michigan. In this case, see Ann Arbor, 1991-1993.


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