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Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm sure that you've all read Mark Penn's delightful campaign retrospective by now. (Short version: It wasn't my fault!) But here's the line that gets me: [Clinton] did show her warmer side, and campaigned often with her mom and with her daughter. But it was her strength as a warrior that voters saw — as they had in New York — as she won primary after primary against the odds.

"[H]er strength as a warrior"? Huh? This is one annoying usage that I would like to see disappear. I understand the power of "war" as a metaphor ("the moral equivalent of war" etc.), but enough is enough.

"This is war." No, it's not.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger fronesis said...

Agreed. It's not war. It's actually not really like war at all. I think it's supposed to be democracy. And if we treated it as democracy (instead of war, or celebrity, or baseball), then perhaps we could also grasp the importance of the participation of new individuals and groups in this primary process (rather than just the democratic party insiders and the 'white workers').


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