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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Thrashing and Some Gnashing in Nashville

This was very much Obama's night. I thought he won in every aspect of the debate: substance, style, foreign, domestic, offense, defense, special teams. The first debate struck me as a solid if close Obama win, but this town hall debate was far better for Tall O. Unlike McCain, who seemed to be reciting well worn (and not always credible mantras), Obama actually engaged the audience and sought to explain the issues in the way friends or neighbors would talk across a dinner table. His response on why the bailout would help ordinary Americans was the best I've heard from any public official in the last few weeks. His very personal concluding remarks, speaking about his humble origins, was touching.

Mostly, he just looked presidential--the "calm hand at the tiller" that McCain invoked but could not embody. I was reminded of the famous Clinton-Bush town hall from 1992. The winds of change are blowin'.


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