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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valerie Jarrett Is Full of Shit and Other Observations

So I hear there was some kind of speech tonight. I missed it, thanks to my night class--or at least all except for the last ten minutes or so, most of which I heard in my car. Plus that Bible Belt Ken doll addressing his high school pep rally while the multiculti club sat behind in rapt attention. Ergo, my comments will reflect a general ignorance of the speech as a whole.

1) "Don't run for the hills" seems like a bad catch line. From a rhetorical standpoint, you should avoid negations to frame you position. All I can think is "RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!" It reminds me more of what we all know the Dems are doing than what Obama lamely suggests they should be doing. Same for "I won't quit." Really? It sure seems like you might wanna.

2) Valerie Jarrett was an awful spokeswoman for Obama on Maddow. Bad enough that she talked about Scott Brown (Mr. "I am the 41st vote to kill health care") like he's the new Olympia Snowe. She went on to repeat over and over that the federal government has to "tighten its belt" when times are tough, "just like American families." Maddow rightly called her on her sad confusion of micro and macro-economics, but it just goes to show that even Democratic flacks do all their prep work for right-leaning villagers. They really have no clue how to answer substantive questions from the left.

3) I feel no more confident on health care passage than I did a few hours ago.

4) Props for taking on the Supremes in front of their smug faces. Even better, Sam Alito goes all Joe Wilson on us. Dude, get over it. Even your beloved Princeton accepts black people now. You're not going to turn this thing back by treating Obama like the uppity help. So you got dunked on by LeBron. At least you'll end up on the highlight reel.

Not a lot of optimism there. The poll #s are supposedly good, though. Any thoughts?


At 7:45 AM, Blogger fronesis said...

I honestly couldn't bring myself to watch it. Once I heard about the "spending freeze" as the centerpiece, I just couldn't handle it.


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