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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


And this is an 3-ways inside joke aimed at TMcD, which he might not get . . . thrice.

I am almost certainly one of the world's most privileged and advantaged people, ever. Not one of the 1%, currently, but on a historical scale, pretty much 1%, or 0.0001%. (I won't die of the bubonic plague, or cholera, or starvation, or malaria . . . or, at least, I have a reasonable expectation that I won't.) Not to brag, but I have a job that I like, and everything else in my life is good. I have my health (I ran 9 miles Sunday, on a hilly course, at 9 min./mi. pace, so that's at least a sign of health . . . for now). I have a beautiful daughter.

If I had one complaint, and we are deep in "why should I care?" country, it is that I am bored most of the time. I can do my job, most days, without a major effort. I think I am a good father and a good husband, most days, but except for the pressure cooker (new post coming soon), I can cook, and clean, and get folks to school etc. without much new thought. Even at work, most of what I do, I can do without stretching.

My sense is that my best friends at work suffer from the same problem. (Discussion over coffee break.)

But after discussion today, it's clear that no one wants more excitement!

We want to have a boring life, but one that seems less boring! Was Freud right, after all?

And, appreciating TMcD's situation, acknowledging that "non-boring" does not equal "good", not sure how to close. Hope that this is not close to the nerve!

Be prepared for more updates on BOREDOM. I'm sure that this is what killed my interest in blogging. For instance, I find the current political scene as boring as Gilligan's Island. Those people ain't never goin' to escape!


At 11:57 PM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

I think I get it. . . twice. Then I got bored. Oh! Thrice.

I am indeed getting excited about one day having a little boredom, although I worry about the whiplash it might induce.


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