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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jobber the . . . hut, on a DC BikeShare Bike.

To keep the new 2013 momentum up, here's a neighborly post about a neighbor. He lives very nearby, but I won't reveal his exact whereabouts. He's the youngest NYT op-ed columnist in history, and his name rhymes with "hut" (I think). And he's a Republican/conservative . . . .

Anyhoo . . . there's an interesting question here. Why would Jobber the ". . . hut" and his wife and ONE CHILD (God, man, begin to re-populate the Earth!!!) live on/in Capitol Hill? It's one of the leading liberal neighborhoods, and, I think, the most under-rated. There are so many Republican places to live in the greater D.C. area. Reston! McLean! Even parts of Arlington, Alexandria. Falls Church. Heck, even N.W. D.C. (Capitol Hill is mostly N.E. or, shudder, S.E.) (j/k).

Why does Jobber the . . . hut live on Capitol Hill?

Two (non-mutually exclusive) options:

(1) He actually likes a diverse, vibrant, urban environment, with local markets, interesting people. The homogeneity of the (GOP) suburbs is not appealing.

(2) He likes to play the outsider, and where else will he be as much of an outsider than in Capitol Hill, where all his neighbors are LIBERALS, many of whom work for the GOVERNMENT, and the rest for those NGOs.

Vote in the comments, 1, 2, or both. Either way, Jobber the . . . hut is a stain on the undershorts of humankind.

Update: My sources tell me that the . . . hut family may be preggers. To which I say, good for them. But consider carefully entrusting your . . . hut-lings to the TLC of the Catholic clergy/Catholic schools. Buggery and such. This has been well documented. There are actually some decent public schools . . . where you choose to live . . . Maybe join the community? Join the team? Wouldn't that be the conservative thing to do? Wouldn't D. Brooks mention "little platoons" in this context? Burke? Or is it opt out, and play the outsider in a community in which you reside/live/enjoy the benefits but refuse to carry the burden?


At 11:10 AM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

As a progressive living in a solidly red state in what has rapidly become a pretty red town, I guess I'd cut the Hut a bit more slack. So he likes the same neighborhood you do. It's not quite like he's going to work at the organic food co-op where he's required to wear a rainbow tam and study up on veganism. He just has to pass you hippies in the street now and then and scowl at your decadence.

Plus, it IS a pretty cool neighborhood. And maybe his wife is a closet lefty. With the low kid count, she might even use contraception, just like every other Catholic wife not named Santorum.


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