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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer Is Officially Over

Well, yesterday marked the (semi-)official end of summer. The weather here has changed, cooled off a little, and the light is taking on the look of the fall.

It was a very eventful summer for us. We sold the house on Ashurst Road and moved to D.C. I resigned my old job, finished up there, and started a new job. We did a little (Mormon history-related) travel, to Utah and Palmyra, N.Y. But I've blogged a great deal of that experience, so you can read about much of it right here.

To be honest, fall may be my favorite time of the year. The pennant chases, play-offs and Series; football season. Cooler weather for running, which is always a relief. I used to always like the beginning of the school year; now I can look forward to the start of the Court's term next month.

So let's close the books on an eventful summer and look forward to . . . the holidays. They'll be on us before you know it.


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