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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back to the Future IV

I saw Michael J. Fox on Stephanopoulos' show this morning. Of course he’s become a popular interviewee these days given that he is stumping for (mostly democratic) candidates who support embryonic stem cell research, and because Rush Limbaugh decided to bully a man with Parkinson’s by first accusing him of acting out his symptoms and not taking his meds, and when he found out that it was the meds that were causing his symptoms (kinesis), he then said Fox purposely took too much medicine! Amazing.

During the interview with Stephanopoulos (did I really just hear George say that he didn’t think the Ford ad was playing on Mandingo fears?), Fox said of Limbaugh’s tasteless accusations something to the effect that “It’s pointless to get in a fight with a bully.” This struck a chord with me. Say it ain’t so, Marty! What about Biff! Limbaugh's monosyllabic first name, Rush, sounds similar to Biff. His monosyllabic brain is also similar to Biff's. And he even looks like Biff did in BTTF II.


At 7:22 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

Nice post. But Back to the Future represents Spielberg's perspective, not MJF's. Spielberg will pick a fight with a bully. See, Spielberg will pick a fight with a bully (Munich). I'm not sure Fox has the stomach to do so, at this point. The real shame here is that Fox has to think about that . . . when he's got more serious things to occupy his attention.


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