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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Like a Million Bucks

That's how good I felt on this morning's 12-mile run. Good thing, too, since the Marine Corps Marathon is in two weeks. As some of you may know, I hurt my left knee on the 17-mile training run awhile back. I had to take a few weeks off running, cross-training on the elliptical trainer, etc. At a few points, I probably would have given up on running Marine Corps this year, but for the support (and stubbornness) of the better half. But last week, I was able to run 20 miles without any pain or trouble; in fact, I felt better on that 20-mile training run than I can remember feeling on a 20-miler in a long time.

Anyway, it was a beautiful fall morning here--it's finally cooled off--and the leaves are starting to change. Autumn light on yellowing leaves . . . or are the leaves just dying?

Because it's been so dry here that Rock Creek--I ran in Rock Creek Park this morning, from P Street to Boulder Bridge and back--was more rock than creek, if you get my drift. Yesterday, btw, I went hiking along the Potomac, and at one point, I became slightly confused about where I was because I couldn't bring myself to believe that the stream next to the trail was actually the "mighty" Potomac. Large stretches of the river bottom were exposed, and there were sections that looked like one might actually ford across. (I didn't try, of course.)

Just our luck, it will pour on the 28th.


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