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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Spore Losers

Glenn Greenwald has a great article up at Salon on how ABC News, the Bush administration, and others (e.g., Sideshow Joe, I-CT) used the anthrax scare to hype the Iraq invasion. As it turns out, it may have been one of our own anthrax scientists, at the very lab that was analyzing the attack, who sent the spores.

My memory must be fading because I don't remember ever thinking that Saddam or Osama or anyone in the global Jihad rogues gallery sent that stuff. Didn't it always seem like it was one more American wingnut, especially given the targets included Daschle and Leahy? 9/11 may have cast a long shadow, but Oklahoma City wasn't that long ago. Leahy seems a "tell" here. Who would go after the ranking Dem on the Judiciary Committee? An islamofascist or an angry American culture warrior? Turns out Ivins was the latter--a Catholic reactionary who lived a few clicks farther to the right than il Nino. Still, I'm curious. Do any of you remember thinking anthrax came from abroad?


At 10:03 AM, Blogger fronesis said...

I think your last question revolves around how the Anthrax scare resonated. For me, like you, it resonated with Oklahoma City. But it's clear from reading the Grenwald piece that there was a LOT of work put in to making it resonate for others with both 9/11 and Islamic terrorism. And I think for most people that is how it resonated.

Greenwald's piece is freaking me out a bit, to be honest. I hate conspiracy theories. He's not weaving a conspiracy tale, but he puts forward convincing evidence that leads to almost no other conclusion than rather large conspiracy.


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