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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a Strange Week It's Been

In U.S. politics, I think you'd have to go back a ways to find a week as strange and, yes, interesting, in a surreal sense, as the one that is wrapping up tomorrow with the first presidential debate . . . maybe? I mean, Ole Miss says, "it's on," and Obama will be there, and, presumably, a chair and/or lectern for McCain. Will Obama just sit silently during the times when McCain would have given his answers? Maybe Obama will get to rebut the silence?

Between the suspension (?) of a presidential campaign, the Palin implosion, and the Paulson-Bernanke "trust us, we're with the government" (or, "this hurts us more than it will hurt you"?) MOAB plan . . . just too much to process.

I still can't quite get over the Bush administration asking for a $ 700 bn blank check. And now it appears, as I always expected, that they just pulled that number out of their [bleep]. It's like a crime film--the gang needs one last big score so that they can retire to the beach.


At 12:45 AM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

What a crazy election year this is. Is it just me, or does John McCain appear to be running one of the worst campaigns in modern American presidential history?

Maybe he pulls this shit off, but the NYT account of his role in the negotiations--getting Bush to call the meeting, then dropping in last minute, saying almost nothing (whereas Obama asked lots of probing questions) and then meekly and non-committally raising the bizarro uber-deregulation scheme of the House wingnut caucus before chaos descended and Hank Paulson got on his knees to beg Pelosi not to walk out--is, shall we say, a tad unflattering. I guess any excuse not to watch Palin blather on about standing up to Putin's air force rearing its head over Alaskan airspace. Who the hell are these people, and how did they get out of the hospital!?

Of course, if Paulson and Bernanke are really wrong about the pending meltdown, he might still come out OK. Tonight's WaMu news makes that scenario look a little less promising.


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