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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leverage the Buy Out

Is this a spine sighting among congressional Dems? I won't hold my breath. But I hope Congress will stop to catch its. The Dems have all the leverage here, and they need not to get suckered by GOP bluster. They control both houses. If they pass tough reform legislation as part of the bailout, what position will the GOP be in to either filibuster or veto it? Not much I'd say. Bush has less capital that Lehman Brothers. The bankers are salivating for our (the taxpayers') green. The public is pissed. And most of the reforms I've seen suggested will sound pretty good to American voters, especially if the words "700 billion dollars!!!" are tossed around enough.

I'd dare those fuckers to filibuster.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Frances said...

It sounded to me like Chris Dodd on This Week was actively renouncing effectively all such leverage. First we need a clean bill. Then we can come back later and get something else in terms of new regulations or help for main street. Ha. Ha. Ha.

At that moment, Number Three stopped the tv and said:

One guy holds up another, each armed: "give me your money." The other responds, "give me your gun first, and then I'll give you my money." What idiot would agree to that?

Chris Dodd, apparently. And he's a liberal firebrand, as far as the Senate goes. Krikey!!


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