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Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's the Humidity

This week's long run (Capitol Hill-the Mall-Lincoln Memorial-Memorial Bridge-Roosevelt Island loop-Key Bridge-Towpath-Rock Creek Pkwy-Kennedy Center-Mall-Capitol Hill, estimated at 11 miles) featured hot, humid conditions that I found surprising, even after many summers of D.C. running. I won't say that I'm "used to" long runs in the heat and humidity, but I've certainly done my share of them. But today was exceedingly unpleasant.

And, at the same time as I was out there, hundreds of folks were participating in the National Triathlon. (The swim is actually in the Potomac. It would be like swimming in the collected water that runs off the streets of D.C. and its environs. Just like. Gross.) Not a good day to post a PR.

Supposedly, there's a cold front coming through soon.


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