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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football Night in America?

Have I posted on this before?

NBC calls its Sunday night pregame show "Football Night in America." This is clearly a rip-off of CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada." But even worse than the blatant ripping off of an actual national institution (albeit in another country) . . . is the fact, the fact, that Sunday is clearly not Football Night in the US of A.

There is an argument that Friday is Football Night in America. That's when most high schools play. My guess is that more people attend HS games than all other games combined.

There is an argument that Saturday is Football Night in America, with late starting college games. Unless that game is USC-OSU. Egad, what a travesty. Did anyone watch that game after the first half? I doubt it.

There is even an argument that Monday is Football Night in America, with MNF.

But while it's clear that Sunday is the day that many of us watch endless hours of football . . . it's not the night game that makes the day. After two games during the day, it's a bit gluttonous to watch a third.

Unless it's Browns-Steelers. But if the Browns look like last week, I won't be watching much of this one, either.

Update: That was ugly, 10-6. Perfect Cleveland weather, unpredictable.


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