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Friday, September 19, 2008

HBP Stats

I'd always thought Don Baylor was the career leader in being hit by pitch (HBP). It turns out he's fourth. Among active players, Jason Kendall is tops, at sixth all-time, with 230 career HBP. Wow.

Tiger great Chet Lemon is 19th, with 151 career HBP. The ancient one, and a Tiger for a few games (?), Hughie Jennings, is all-time first, at 287, but he was before my time.

Here's the active players list. Interestingly, three current Yankees are in the top five: Jason Giambi is third among active players with 155 career HBP (four HBP more than Lemon), A-Rod is fourth (ten HBP behind Lemon) at 141, and Derek Jeter is fifth at 137 (14 HBP behind Lemon).

In short, Jeter is 150 HBP behind Hughie Jennings.

Update:: Sheff is also high on the active players' list. If I had the time and the inclination, I'd be interested in the relationship b/w ABs and HBP. My guess that HBP is a function of AB.


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