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Friday, October 10, 2008


Who uses the phrase "the Charles Gibson-Katie Couric gilloutine"? Oh, yeah, VDH. As in McCain's treatment of VP pick Palin: "The Alaskan mom of five in near suicidal fashion was ordered by the campaign to put her head in the Charlie Gibson-Katie Couric guillotine."

I repeat: huh? Does any sane person fear an interview with these people? Katie Couric? It wasn't Katie's fault that Palin couldn't name a newspaper she read or a Supreme Court case she disagreed with, was it? Isn't this the ultimate softball question? "What newspapers do you read?"

I will help all future GOP candidates out by providing the conservative answer: "Well, [guillotine person], I read the Wall Street Journal, especially the op-ed page, and sometimes the Washington Times. If I'm traveling, the hotels usually provide U.S.A. Today, so I read that a fair amount. And, of course, my hometown paper, [name]. But no matter what paper I'm reading [except the WSJ], I start with the sports!"

Magazines: "Well, of course, [guillotine person], National Review and the Weekly Standard."

Suicide mission? Not Thermopylae, that's for sure.


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