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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Under-rated Manny Love

So I'm watching the ALDS, and I swear Steve Stone just said that base-running is an under-rated (maybe underestimated) part of Manny Ramirez's game. Um, sure. Manny is a good baserunner . . . maybe great!

To say that Manny is an understimated baserunner is like saying that one of the underestimated features of a WWII flamethrower was that it would burst into flame if hit by tracer rounds. Like Manny--the best natural hitter in the game today, and for a lo-o-ong time--the flamethrower was good at some things, like blasting Axis enemies in pillboxes. But sometimes the flamethrower would blow up on the wrong side. That's Manny's baserunning.

Update: In comments, da Great one says to check out this post, and he's right.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger WilsonDeGreat said...


Very good, I thought that comment was a bit ridiculous as well. . .Do you ever read firejoemorgan? it is truly the best website for this kind of sports commentary mockery:

Overheard on TBS in the 10th inning of the tiebreaker: Joe Simpson, re: Kaz Matsui:

"This guy's got some pop in his bat. He's got four home runs this year."

That amused me, but scroll down and read the post entitled one > zero. . .


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