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Monday, November 19, 2007

Blame the Asians

Congrats, #3, you finally beat me at something (excluding runnin', lawyerin', old lady talkin', and pulp fiction readin'). Number 22 with a bullet, while I'm stuck down at #323 (egads, down 21 places!). Well, at least I'm the third most popular Mc. I also beat the Prez-nit, but how much of an achievement is that? (Trivia, neither Clinton nor Reagan is especially popular, but they land within a few places of each other.) Tekne over at SA beats us all.

OK, so here's my question. If there are six million surnames in the U.S., and four million of those are held only by a single person each, then doesn't that suggest a great coming contraction of name diversity? An appelling extinction of near epic proportions? Or are many of those names from new immigrants (Muslim, etc.) who represent the beginning of new lines rather than the end?


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