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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great Reagan's Ghost!

Have you guys been following the audible whisper controversy? It seems that, in the recent GOP debate, when Russert asked the Rombot about whether he would do what Reagan did with Social Security, before the 'bot answered, there was an audible whisper, "Raised taxes." Then the 'bot said that he wouldn't raise taxes.

Some have speculated that this was an ear piece--but (duh) you can't hear an ear piece, because it's in the speaker's ear. Whatever it was, it wasn't an ear piece. People, get serious.

It seems to me that there's only one explanation: It was Reagan's ghost. I mean, as many times as these guys have invoked his name, it was inevitable that his spirit would return to the world of the living to set things right. (In his case, "right" may have multiple meanings.) If I'm right, the next time there's a GOP debate, the disembodied whisper will say . . . "I sure as hell wouldn't have invaded Iraq. Morons." Or something similar.


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