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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thumb on the Scale

Looks as if the NYT endorsement of Hillary Clinton extends beyond the editorial page. I was curious when, on Super Tuesday and Woozy Wednesday, their front page map showed Clinton winning New Mexico, even though the contest had yet to be called and, once the link was clicked, you could see that Obama was still ahead if by a narrow margin (one that has now narrowly flipped, if still TBD). Why not just leave it uncolored? A minor matter, but one that gave visual impression of a stronger day for Clinton than warranted at the time. Then, they run a vacuous and highly misleading hit piece on Obama by Adam Nagourney, designed to show that Clinton was the big winner Tuesday.

Their delegate count is even more blatant in its dishonesty. Unlike all the other counters--who show a more or less even split--they devise a rather odd methodology, one that only counts 100% certain delegates--meaning no caucuses. So goodbye, Iowa, Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota, and all those other states that Obama swept. And, how about that, Alabama, which went Obama by 14 points in a primary magically gave HRC double Obama'a delegates. Well, well, Hill has a commanding delegate lead now, doesn't she? 892-716. Why don't we just dispense with all this voting nonsense and crown her now? It won't be the first time in this campaign she followed the Bush lead.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Frances said...

Yeah, that Nagourney "analyais" was egregious. The most outrageous line was: "White men in California voted for Mr. Obama but white men in Southern states like Alabama did not." Whaaaa? Did he LOOK at the exit polls before writing that?

Obama DOUBLED his support among whites from his 24% performance in South Carolina--and this was true in the South, too. In Georgia, he got 46% of white men. He may have been outpaced by HRC in white support, but he made huge inroads into the white vote, even in the South

At 11:49 PM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

I actually wrote in to the NYT public editor to complain about this coverage (the delegate counter, Nagourney, etc.). Can't imagine I'm the only one.

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Frances said...

TMcD - I'd like to read your letter to the public editor, if you still have it and wouldn't mind.


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