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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ma Ma Where's Your PA (Gone To Campaign with Obama)

So Barack is closing the gap in Pennsylvania, from 20-something points to 5-8. Where have I heard this story before? Oh yeah. Texas and Ohio. I'm betting he still loses by ten. It may end up as less, but it will look like ten on election night, and the early evening returns will have HRC with a wide lead of close to 20. If we've learned anything in this Democratic race, it is that demographics are destiny. PA is as Hillaricentric as they get: old folks; low information types; working class ethnic voters having, shall we say, "trust" issues with candidates of darker hue (i.e., "Reagan Democrats"). I'm not sure what the Clintons will do to retake the mo after their snipergate slide. But I know it is coming.


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