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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hello Good Biden

As annoying as the wait for Obama's VP pick has been, it is certainly more important who he picks than how he informs the press about that pick. If, as late reports tonight say, Joe Biden is that pick, he has been worth the wait.

On Larry King, the GOP operative (Reed somebody) has been highly complimentary. He also makes the reasonable point that a Biden pick should force McCain toward Romney, since none of the other major candidates (Pawlenty, Jindal, etc.) can hope to compete with the Delaware Destroyer. I think that ignores pro-choice poster boy Tom Ridge, but let's grant the premise. There's another problem with a Biden-Romney pairing. Romney kills McCain's "authenicity" theme, while Biden boosts Obama's. Maybe it won't matter, and maybe Romney's discipline will play well in debates. But the narrative whiplash here could be a game changer. OK, that's probably too strong. I think it's Obama's game to lose anyway, making Romney a double down bet on a bad hand. Possible up-side: if Obama-Biden wins, Romney's future top-of-ticket hopes may be crushed in the subsequent bloodletting. John McCain, once again serving America through his sacrifice.

P.S. Wonder, how many homes Romney owns? How many golf carts?


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