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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lieba Culpa

Last week Evan Bayh called for Holy Joe to apologize. A number of other Dems have called his behavior "unacceptable." Just wondering, but has there been any sign of contrition from the wayward one? If there has been, I've missed it. He really doesn't seem very regretful. No, he's waving his little GOP flag around, threatening to bolt if he doesn't get his way, despite the fact that we all know this would be suicide in CT reelction ca. 2012. Not to mention that the magic #60 is a chimera: Joe's certainly not a reliable vote inside the caucus, and any number of Republicans seem unlikely to filibuster Landslide Barry anytime soon.

And yet by all accounts the Dems are about to restore his prized committee chair at Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, a post in which he has been, at best, incompetent. What, if anything, do Dems think they're getting in return here? Have they even floated a concession from His Sanctimoniousness? Am I missing something?


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

It's the Club. It's like being a made man in the Mob. Once you're in, you can do no wrong. The other members protect you. And it makes me sick. One good thing you can say about Jim DeMent: he was ready to vote to kick Ted Stevens out, based on a felony conviction. For some members of the Club, not really an issue.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Frances said...

Well, with his entitled attitude and his MSM credibility as an "independent postpartisan" Obama probably didn't want to have to deal with Lieberman as a committed enemy. He is a world class back stabber already. How much of a pain would he have been had he made it his mission in life to cause trouble? It's the old LBJ maxim about preferring to have a troublemaker inside a tent peeing out rather than outside peeing in. Lieberman is greatly weakened politically by these election results. But even a crank loner can cause a lot of trouble in the Senate. It's probably the wiser course of action politically -- assuming that Lieberman doesn't decide to start actually using his chairmanship (Hey why start now?). It's a risk that Lieberman will use his chairmanship to bite the hand that fed him, but it's perhaps less risky than making him a mortal enemy.

With all that said, I despise the man. I'd like to see him lose his seat so badly that I'd vote for the Republican if I lived in Connecticut.


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