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Friday, November 07, 2008

Thoughts on the Country of Africa

TMcD may get his wish, and Sarah Palin may be made into a joke by the folks who pushed her for vice president. But, lke Atrios and Campbell Brown (did I just type that?), this whole thing turns my stomach. It's one thing for the tenacious one, or for me, to mock the Palinator. Hell, we never supported her candidacy, we never said moronic things about how she was qualified to be veep.

But for anonymous leakers inside the failed McCain campaign to do it. Sheesh. There's simply no way to know which of these stories are true, and which are the product of the same fertile imaginations that gave us "Barack Obama is a socialist" type lies for weeks. And there's no way to hold the folks doing this accountable, if they are lying.

So I'm calling a Sarah Palin moratorium here. TMcD can still post on her, if he wants, but I'm moving on. If she actually says stoopid things, and I see them on teevee or in print, I may comment. If there is reliable news on things she does, going forward, and it's interesting, I'll post on it, if I feel so inclined. But I'm staying away from this toxic train wreck, the rumors and the nonsense.


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