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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All Signs Now Point to an Obama Victory

In the history of the franchise, the final pre-election game of the Washington Redskins has predicted the winner of the presidential contest 17 out of 17 times. If the 'Skins win, the incumbent party holds onto the White House. If the 'Skins lose, then the voters toss the bums out and the out party wins the White House. Well, last night the 'Skins lost,23-6 to a surprising Steelers team led by . . . back-up QB Byron Leftwich after Big Ben was knocked out with a shoulder injury.

Add to this the Phillies World Series victory (Dems do better historically when the National League team wins the World Series), and all signs point to an Obama victory.

Not that I'm superstitious. But that Redskins thing is scary. (If true. Btw, I heard this on ESPN Radio, so it may not be true.)