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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Photo Essay: Election 2008 in U Street-Logan Circle

So in the U Street-Logan Circle neighborhood, there seems to be quite a bit of excitement about the possibility of an Obama presidency. I walked around this afternoon and snapped some photos of posters around the neighborhood. I also took some of the t-shirts for sale at the flea market at Florida Avenue and 9th St NW, but none of those look very good. The point is that there are all these t-shirts, which are really designed by black folks for black folks, celebrating Obama. These shirts either link Obama to MLK or celebrate, very clearly, the possibility of a black First Lady. I'm just saying, Michelle is on a lot of these shirts.

For some reason (i.e., my inability to use Blogger) these posted in the reverse order of the one I intended. But whatever. I thought that those of you in other parts of the country might enjoy seeing what the weekend before the election looks like in an urban area.

Btw, there are also any number of t-shirts one sees on the streets. Didn't take any pictures of those.

Just to be clear: I didn't see any McCain-Palin posters, or I would have included those. I don't think there are many GOP voters in the U Street neighborhood.


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