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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Now I Really Feel Bad

So a few weeks ago I wrote this post on why many folks find the sabermetric mindset in baseball somewhat unsettling--because it discounts the "pretty good" or the fan favorite, the over-achiever, the gy with "hustle," (not the hustler,) players that the average guy finds it easier to identify with than the superstar.

But now I learn, from Thomas Sowell's latest, that I really should feel bad about myself. It turns out that Barack Obama is "someone who has actually accomplished nothing," in Sowell's words.

Damn. Obama has a Harvard law degree, was president of Harvard law review, has practiced law, has written two books, has been elected state senator in Illinois and U.S. Senator from Illinois, and has been nominated by the Democratic party as its presidential candidate. If that's actually nothing, then I really am a L-O-S-E-R. For real.

I understand that Sowell is upset at the likely outcome of Tuesday's election, but that doesn't excuse his saying patently ridiculous things.


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