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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Credit Where Due

Karl Rove sure didn't pull any punches on FNS this morning, did he? His electoral map isn't that different from anyone else's. When asked if McCain can still win, his answer: "A very steep climb," or words to that affect. He seems to be taking his "analyst" role pretty seriously, at least recently.

Panelist Brit Hume endorsed Rove's electoral maps ("roughly 300 EVs") and said nice things about the Obama campaign (and David Plouffe).

Bill Kristol? He tried to sound optimistic: "You only need one path to victory." But he admitted that that path is "not likely," in the end. Btw, I love Kristol's red tie with gold and white stripes--this is the second time he's worn that tie on the show.


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