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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting with Bee Means Celebrity Interactions

So I took Bee with me to vote this morning. We waited in line 55 minutes here in Capitol Hill! It looks to me like four or five precincts vote at the local polling place, and it was jam packed (inflating that Obama popular vote margin?).

We got to skip ahead in line, based on last name (???), and as we walked past the line of other, less fortunately named, voters, there was Donna Brazile, Gore campaign manager and ABC talking head (extraordinaire). So we stopped, Donna shook Bee's hand (more like Bee shook her finger), and Donna Brazile commented on Bee's grip (which is excellent). She said that Bee should run for president (based on her grip) and that she would come out of retirement to work on her campaign.

Now that's a strange first voting experience, huh? I wish that I had had my camera for a picture of Bee with Donna Brazile.

I have to comment that voting in D.C. is a strange experience, beyond the celebrity interactions. We vote for president, but then what? There are a bunch of make-believe offices--non-voting delegate, shadow senator (?), shadow House member--where I don't vote. (I don't vote for made-up offices.) Then there was the City Council at-large, this time for the seats that are more or less reserved for a non-Democrat. So I voted Republican (a pro-gay rights GOP candidate, this is D.C. after all) and D.C. Statehood-Green for at-large. "D.C. Statehood Now!"

There were also unopposed candidates for school board and ANC representative (that's a long story). But I also don't vote in unopposed races. So it was a quick ballot for me: president, city council.


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