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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is There a Draft in Here?

So I have two upcoming "drafts." Tonite we draft our games in the Nationals seasons tickets group; sometime in the next two weeks we draft our fantasy baseball rosters. (This year I am in a work fantasy league, which will be strange.)

I may be the worst draft-er of all time.

In terms of the season tickets, for example, I don't have a plan, and I don't really have a sense for what my "schedule" will look like for the season. IOW, I'll probably draft games that I won't be able to make it to. Plus, I don't have a clue which games I would "like to" see. Given that the Nats play in the NL East, I have little to choose from. Sure, I'd like to go see the Phillies a couple times. But then what? The Mets? The Braves? The Fish? I wanted to see the Expos, but, for some reason, they aren't on the schedule.

The unbalanced schedule means that the West teams I would like to see (yeah, I am an NL West guy, which is strange for someone who grew up in Michigan) come to town once, often at bad times for me.

And this year the interleague games are against the AL East. That means that everyone else in the pool will probably be drafting those games--especially the Yankees and Red Sox games. Right? But who wants to be in the stadium with the fans of those teams. Not me.

But fantasy drafting is even worse. At least this league is a traditional 5-5 league, not that insane 10-8 league that Wilson plays in! Holds?


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Wilson said...

I like holds! But I got them to change it this year; it's 8x8 now. no more triples and hits...

I think your best bet is to grab the weekend day games early and the midsummer friday night games. You want to maximize your chances of a giveaway. IIRC I've been to games twice with you and recieved something like 4 hats. As for teams, try to focus on the Braves, Phillies and Mets. The NL east is going to be close this year and the Nats have a very real shot of seeing some relevant September (or at least August) baseball.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

I have a September Mets game (the penultimate home game of the year in Natstown); back-to-back Cubs games in July; two Phillies games; SF in June; two businessman specials (the one in August will be brutal). I actually like weeknight games.

In terms of FBB, how can Yahoo! rate MannyBeManny #28? That's an outrage!

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Wilson said...

Too low? Or too high? BP projects him to hit ~30 homers this year, around .300, score 100 and drive in 100. Those are good numbers, but nothing to be blown away about; Aramis Ramirez plays a shallower position and will do about the same.

The idea that Manny, a 37 year old man, is going to do a whole lot better than that on the basis of one half season seems wrong to me. Yeah he was really hot in LA, but it's not as though he's a different guy. We have like 15 years of data on him and we know exactly what kind of hitter he is and can predict pretty well what he'll do going forward.


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