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Monday, June 22, 2009

Where's Marko?

Where is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford? My guess: psychiatric leave. No one I've heard has raised this idea. Yet the "book writing" excuse is implausible. I think a lot of his people actually do know where he is, but they can't say b/c it would be a huge embarrassment for a presidential hopeful. So weird medical condition is a good overarching guess, and mental instability is high on that list of specific possibilities. Any other ideas?


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Will said...

Given all the media attention on this issue lately, if he doesn't come forward soon with an explanation, I'm going to start assuming he's dead.

This story is completely shocking to me. His wife doesn't even seem to know where the hell he is!

Like I said, either he needs to come out of hiding and give an explanation as to his recent whereabouts VERY soon, or someone needs to start sending out the search crews. For a Governor to just disappear, without even letting his wife know where he is, wreaks of trouble, or bullshit.

You're probably right, TMcD, his staff and wife probably DO know where he is, and are just not saying, because it's too juicy and embarassing; but the truth is going to come out eventually, at the very least due to all the media coverage, best if he gets it over with soon. (that is if he's still alive!)

At 12:24 AM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

And the story keeps getting better: a sighting Thurs. at Atlanta airport, his car found at Columbia, SC airport. Somethings fishy. The fact that his wife dismisses all this suggests that she knows he's a nutcase and she's ceased pretending he's normal.

As a former South Carolinian, I can't say I'm surprised by where the state GOP has gone. It is an odd place--one for which I have great affection--and those who get ahead in the state party are often pretty disturbed individuals chasing demons.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow; at least we'll get to see if he really shows up. If not, Will, you may be right.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Gina said...


They found him. He had caught a flight to Argentina. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution qutoes The State as saying he showed up this morning at Hartsfield from a flight out of Buenos Aires. He said he was alone, but he wouldn't say anything about his activities except he drove along the coastline. However, the newspaper points out that the only coastal road in the whole country is less than two miles long. State Sen. Jake Knotts is quoted as saying, "Lies. Lies. Lies. That's all we get from his staff. That's all we get from his people. That's all we get from him. Why all the big cover-up?" And that senator is a Republican! So Sanford is either having an affair with a long-lost great-grand-niece of Evita or he's looking for the last Nazi survivor of the Third Reich.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Will said...

Ok, ok, so maybe I jumped the gun on the Gov. "being dead" thing...

It turns out he's just been livin it up in Buenes Aires for the past couple of days. This story just keep getting wierder, and wierder.

I still don't think that all has been uncovered yet. If he was on vacation, why didn't his staff and WIFE just come out and say that in the beggining? The American public could accept that, couldn't they? Would it be because he didn't take his family on this vacation, and it lasted through FATHERS DAY?!? Something still smells like bullshit in this whole scenario, and I think more is deffinitely to come.

Either way, sorry for jumping to conclusions, and claiming the man as a gonner. Given the awkwardness of all of this, I still don't think it was COMPLETELY unreasonable... Unlikely? Yes. And I knew that when I made the claim, but with how fast this story grew to become a national news story (rightly so!), and the total lack of (believable) explanation from nearly everyone close to him, I guess I let my imagination get the better of me... Sorry.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Gina said...

Well, now at least some of the truth is out. Don't cry for Mark, Argentina. No wonder he turned down the stimulus package. He already had one!

At 1:08 AM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

At least he went out with dignity. E-mails!!

Should have used the title for #3's last post.


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