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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mad Menace

Ok, FFBers, here's your question of the day: What's the most morally repellant ad campaign on TV?

My vote goes to GE Capital, in a little post-financial sector meltdown PR. Deb Barker isn't just another heartless corporate executive, she cares about the small business man, and she's "bringing music to people." Why, she's so damn brilliant that she can pick up a guitar for the very first time and play like a classical virtuoso: "I didn't know you could play!" "I didn't either!" Because, as we all know, financial sector executives are our modern renaissance (wo)men, possessing almost superhuman talents they don't even know they have. Now, you Marxists (and old timey Christians) out there may be thinking, deal with the devil? Hush your mouth. Just another one of Ayn Rand's righteous overmen, paving the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Hey, I wonder what GE Capital was doing a couple of years ago? (See also here.)