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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buffy the Badminton Player

Poor Mittens! Just not his week. First, he takes a hit in the post-conventions bounce, then he gets caught  spouting America-hating idiocy in Embassygate, one of the dumbest gambits of foreign policy opportunism in memory, and, now, the secret fundraising speech tape reveals his seething contempt for all those Lucky Duckies in the lower 47%. There's only one logical conclusion. He's a "victim" of the liberal media. But I'm glad to see him "taking responsibility" for himself. No apologies, bitches!

Have to say, though, I'm always surprised when I read Jonathan Chait, whose judgment is so good on so many things, opine about his surprise and disappointment that Mitt isn't the secretly reasonable and likeable guy he's always imagined him to be. What to say? Maybe it's because I didn't pass through the world of New England prep schools and have never much warmed to the Yacht Club set in their southern variation, but Lord Buffington Mittens von Romney IV, third Viscount of Classwarfareville has always impressed this humble observer as, how shall I say it?. . . reptilian slime.

A couple of weeks ago I told someone (Frances, maybe?) that I thought there was a non-negligible chance that Obama would win by a fairly comfortable victory margin. Don't know that I'd put any money on that yet, but it seems like a less wild-eyed prediction now that it did then.