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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Party's Over

So Newt is promising to turn the next 6-8 months into Mitt's Bataan Death March, only with more crying and worse health care. I don't buy it. Newt's not a "conviction" politician, and while he does nurse an epic grudge, his incomparable instinct for profiting on his wingnut bona fides would seem to mitigate against a lengthy bloodletting. If he stops relatively soon, he'll have a safe gig on the talking head shows 4Evs. He does not want to be the Ralph Nader of the right. Especially when he has no talent for either organizing or fundraising. Give him a few weeks. I feel a "suspension" of his campaign coming sooner rather than later. As much as the media and the Dems fantasize about this party lasting through the summer, I'm afraid the cops just showed up, and they've all got new accounts in the Caymans.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Frances said...

Looks like Santorum has organized an after party now... What a night!


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