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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Llama Llama Hump-o-Rama

Drove Lang out to pick up Bay from the sitter this afternoon. Her house is a few miles outside town, and there are some farms on the way. One has a couple of llamas. A couple. Of llamas. Putting on a show today. Don't think Lang picked up on it. Whew. Not a conversation I wanted to have until she was at least ten.

And yet, it had the feel of the universe sending signals. Like in the matrix, when Neo spots an anomaly. Pretty sure Agent Smith is a Romney voter, which is bad, because there are lots of him, he plays dirty, and he votes often. Just hoping the llama drama is not an omen of severe electoral weirdness. Because a 50/50 race is when all the back door machinations suddenly multiply into relevance, and let's face it, the GOP is just better at that game. If I'm betting right now, I say we have no clear answer on Tuesday night, and the longer this drags on the better Willard's odds get. And then the llamas won't be the only ones getting the business.


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