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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Writing in the Third Entity

OK, it's weird enough that the NYT hired a dangerous propagandist and one of its biggest critics, but it's even weirder for it to announce that a new op-ed columnist has been added to its stable by writing a piece that was authored by "The New York Times" in which one finds it written in the third "person" that The New York Times announced this, and in the process The New York Times also announces this. I think my head hurts. At any rate, I scarcely believe that there's a worker at The New York Times named The New York Times who both hired Bill and typed up the article. Why can't a real person be credited with typing the piece and quote a real person who really made the decision to hire Bill?

It's like me writing:

"Freedom from Blog adds an Op-Ed Columnist"
By Freedom from Blog

A new op-ed columnist named Bill was hired today for Freedom from Blog, Freedom from Blog announced. Bill has been a fierce critic of Freedom from Blog and said it should be thrown in an oversees CIA black site and water-boarded for pointing out that President Bush's conduct of the War on Terror has been extra-constitutional.


At 3:20 PM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

Yeah, I thought that announcement was really weird too, and you've put your finger on why. I guess no one wants to take credit for hiring an unhinged wingnut who, over the last decade, has been wrong about everything. Of course, I guess the list of potential right-wing columnists who have gotten something right in the last decade is pretty slim. Sullivan? Anyone else?


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