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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why, Oh Why, Did Saddam Force Us to Invade Iraq?

Just saw Scott Pelley's interview with the Lebanese-American FBI agent who spent months interrogating Saddam. No revelations. We knew ALL of this before. But the media meme above drives me crazy: "Why, if Saddam didn't have any WMD, didn't he just tell us that so we wouldn't have had to invade Iraq?"

OK, let's remember what happened. We said, "We'll invade you if you don't account for the WMDs." Saddam says "Whozywhatsit?" He lets the inspectors in. They spend months and don't find anything. Bush says "Screw it, I'm invading anyway." Hans Blix says "More time! More time!" Saddam says "Gimme some cash and a jail-free exile, and I'm Audi!" Bush says "Kaboom, mothafuckah!"

When in this time line did Saddam supposedly force us into the quag?

Gripe number two: Pelley asks FBI guy if Saddam hoped to reconstitute his weapons programs one day. FBI guy says "Yes." Gotcha!! That's why we invaded, appeaserbitches!! Unsaid? How exactly was he going to do this under a permanent inspection system and international sanction regime? Or, better yet, while in exile in Egypt?


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

But Saddam was crazy, irrational even. So even if he (a) didn't have WMD, and (b) didn't have any actual programs capable of reconstituting them, he couldn't be deterred from doing so [in an imaginary world] . . . therefore, the [real] world is better off now that a hypothetical threat to the security of [certain Gulf states] has been removed. Because after 9/11, which changed everything, the U.S. could no longer tolerate hypothetical threats to the security of [other nations, more or less closely allied with us]. Or don't you understand that the Islamofascists want to kill us all? Hmmmm?


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