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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Feel the O-mentum

Obama gets his sweep tonight. Not just three wins, but it looks like three landslides in three very different parts of the country: LA, WA, and NE. Granted he was expected to win since these states fit his "profile": either a primary state with a large black population (LA) or caucus states in the midwest to west (NE, WA) with small black population. But as Jeff Toobin said on CNN, does it really disqualify the win if he was supposed to win? A win's a win, baby!

And, Go Huck! Landslide in KS, up in LA (still early), and a shot in WA. Let's keep this thing entertaining. The longer that Saint John's legitimacy as nominee remains in question the better.

Finally, MSNBC has easily the best team overall. I really like the panel of Rachel Maddow, Eugene Robinson, and Pat Buchanan. All super smart, and even though Pitchfork Pat is a little loopy, I have to admit I like the guy and respect his commentary despite my near perpetual disagreement. He's no hack, and that's a quality in short supply among GOP talking heads. And Maddow and Robinson are always first rate. All they're missing tonight is America's best political reporter, David Shuster. Free the Shu!!


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Frances said...

Obama's victories in these three states are impressive. I'm so glad that Louisiana's primary was paired with caucuses in two overwhelmingly white states. Otherwise the racial narrative in the Democratic nomination race would be back with a huge vengeance - and it's deadly for Obama.

What is the deal with Catholics not voting for Obama? He has had trouble with them in every state where they're a significant presence? Very strange.

I am LOVING the forceful performance by Huckabee in all the races tonight. Number Three and I went to a Huckabee rally today--it was big happy crowd. He'll post pictures tomorrow.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

How true on the race narrative. The Frank Rich column tomorrow eviscerates HRC over her scorched earth tactics, specifically on race. He really has been good lately on the Dem contest.

Can't wait to see the Huck pics!


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