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Friday, February 08, 2008

Obama Central: 14th & U St NW

So, we went out to dinner tonight, on U St., not that far from our abode. Both on the way there and back, couldn't help but notice the Obama supporters, waving signs at passing cars, at both U St. & 13th and 14th. As you might guess, based on demographics, if Obama is going to win the DC primary Tuesday--and it's very likely that he will--then the U St. corridor is in his proverbial "wheel house"--African Americans and young white professionals. Indeed, there are very few obvious HRC voters in the 'hood.

Even a wino walking by on U St. was chanting "Obama, Obama . . . ." And he had a bottle in a paper sack.

In sum, there's a full-force mobilization on U Street. America, look out!


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Frances said...

And don't forget: Southeast has Marion Barry out campaigning for Obama, too. So it's not just the U Street hipsters.

Until Barry decided to endorse Obama, we had him pegged as a sure HRC supporter. Barry did say he "almost" went for HRC, but then he "heard Obama on C-SPAN," and decided that he was "like a breath of fresh air."

I'm sure HRC will get votes in Georgetown, at least.


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