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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gratuitous Joe the Plumber Crack

Did Johnny just flush his campaign away tonight? I don't know, but that turd was circling the bowl even before tonight's sad display of dickishness. That Joe the Plumber gimmick was OK at first, but it got unbelievably annoying. Somebody should have told lil' Mac that the "Obama's gonna fine you" attack was BS before he invested so much anger in it. And why McCain thought he could score points with vouchers and abortion horror stories, I have no idea.

As I've said before, America is Andy Dufresne, and we're gonna have to crawl through several football fields of foul stench before we can wash clean. Tonight Johnny celebrated the sewer.


At 6:11 AM, Blogger Number Three said...

More memories of 1988. It seems to me that the McCain folks have been running a 1988-style campaign. By that I don't just mean substantively (as in looking for their "Willie Horton"), I mean in terms of style and form as well. It's all disconnected memes supposed to "connect with" the ordinary voters that the campaign types think exist, but who are really stereotypes. The memes in certain circumstances may frighten certain groups of voters, but it's not particularly sophisticated or compelling.

Which brings me to "Joe the Plumber."

I'd be surprised if this was an effective appeal. It seems so condescending, on one hand, and so silly, on the other. Maybe I'm wrong.

Also, I would suggest to the McCain folks that plumbers are the worst group to throw your lot in with. Maybe the super-wealthy don't realize this, but plumbers are one of the most corrupt segments of modern society. Might as well have spoken of "Joe the Shakedown Artist."


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