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Friday, December 19, 2008

Iron(ic) Results

I failed with my New Years Resolutions for 2008. Although I would guess that a majority of weeks I ran 30 miles (give or take a mile or two), I never averaged 30 miles a week. I had a couple of weeks with essentially zero miles (e.g., the week Bee was born). So not even close to averaging 30 miles a week. And my time in the Cherry Blossom race this year was better than last year but not sub-70 minutes.

In weights, well, it was not a great year, in terms of building weight. I benched 215 clean today (without a lift-off!), but I have failed on every attempt at 225, and that means I am still a good 30 pounds short of my all-time max of 245 lbs.

Given that I started the year with 205, that means that I moved 10 pounds closer to the goal in 12 months. Not great. I think I need a more intensive training regime. I lift weights most weeks once, and probably a plurality of weeks twice. But I have lifted three times only a handful of weeks and probably can't expect to do so.

Not an epic fail for the year, but not a rousing success, either.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger fronesis said...

I think you are too quick to determine goal number 1 to be unmet. As we all learned in our statistics class, the ordinary language word 'average' can imply mean, median, or mode.

You didn't achieve 30 miles per week as your mean, but since you stated that you ran 30 miles or more in more than half the weaks of the year, then it's obvious that over 30 is your modal week, and your media week is also over 30.

So you averaged over 30!

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Number Three said...

I hadn't thought of it that way. My goal for next year will be a median week of 30.5 miles!

Actually, there's a funny story in here. Last year was the first year I was going to keep a detailed training log. I started January 1 (actually I think December 31) and was going strong until I misplaced the damned log! Yes, I know I should do it electronically. But I was enjoying doing it in longhand. Then I found it, like two months later, but the thrill was gone.

Next year, I'm going to do this right. Electronic. So at year's end, I will have the statistics. E.g., mean run distance, mean run time (medians too).

The big question is unit of analysis. I guess you keep the numbers . . . at the day level, and then aggregate to week?


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Day of the Week
Starting Time
Ending Time

I think if you kept all that data there would be some interesting data which we might see.


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