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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Department of Frickin' Obvious

Just heard a great tease for tonight's post-presser Hardball: "Our economy is a mess, but for some reason President Obama is still popular! How can that be? Chris Matthews has a theory!" Oo oo, call on me, I know this one!! Erm, what is the American people aren't fucking morons, Alex?

I'm getting really tired of the rank stupidity of the DC press corps. They seem to have turned their idiocy dial, always on high, up to 11. How hard is to see that (a) the financial mess started long before Obama became president, (b) he has been president for all of 64 days, and (c) he is not, despite what the congressional GOP and their would-be spokesmen say, "Barack, the Magic Negro"? Yes, Geithner is getting off to a shaky start, and the AIG bonus thing could have and should have been nipped in the bud a bit earlier. Does anyone in their right mind think that Obama was behind those bonuses? Well, Lou Dobbs does. 11.

It has been a while since I had the pleasure of watching Senor Dobbs. Tonight I had that honor while eating tandoori and chana masala at our fave Indian buffet. It's OK, Lou, I think they're here legally. Oh, and dude, take your meds. Seriously, FOX News would have been embarrassed to run that shit you just put out, accusing Obama of seeking "unprecedented federal authority" (trigger thunderclap sound effect) to regulate shadow banks like AIG. Glenn Beck would have had to run that one past his shrink first. A whole panel full of crazy. Made Glennalina's little "Bunker of Doom" look like a weekend at the spa. Oh, and weren't you supposed to be a populist? You're against the bonuses AND against regulating AIG? Good luck with that, Pampers Man. Maybe you can work out that little conundrum while I go exchange my dollars for globaloes.


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