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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

N-A-T-S-T-O-W-N ! ! !

So, this season we are expected to call D.C. "Natstown," at least with respect to baseball. Not crazy about it, but how would you market a mediocre-at-best line-up of young players with some (?) promise and retreads? Playing in one of the more competitive divisions in baseball--the Phillies are the reigning World Champions; the Mets look pretty decent; and don't rule out the Fish (?).

I actually think that the Nats should hark back to the team's storied history. What? The team doesn't have a storied history? It's playing in a new, somewhat soulless building?

Surely you jest. This team has a history! Olympic Stadium. Les Expos. Powder blue unis and that dreadful tricolor logo. ("Elb?") Aim for the Gen-Xers--a lot of irony ("a Canadian team representing America's capital"!), nostalgia factor high . . .

Or, maybe, corporate re-branding. "Natstown." Yeah.

BONUS: Rob Dibble is the new color man for Nats broadcasts. Don't ever say that it can't get worse. (Don't get me wrong. I actually like Dibs. It just makes me feel old that one of the "Nasty Boys" is the color man.)


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