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Monday, March 30, 2009

TN Twist

Yesterday (Saturday) was fun. While we were across town at a baby shower a small tornado (EF-0; 90 mph winds) skipped through our neighborhood blowing out all the windows in a strip mall about a mile away, home of our dentist office, before tearing the roofs off the Boys & Girl's Club, a little church, and then the MAPCO just around the block. It also ripped up the car wash b/w here and the MAPCO and mangled the street signs all around it. I could throw a rock from here and hit that place. We discovered all this as we drove home two hours later only to find our entire neighorhood dark. Perfect timing, though. Our lights came on just as we pulled up to the house, which showed not the slightest hint of wind damage. Luther was in the back yard. As far as we know, he saw nothing. Did seem glad to see us.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger tekne said...

Glad you guys are okay, and glad the dog seems unshaken by it all!


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