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Monday, July 06, 2009

Now He's Lecturing Us on Elitism

Didn't this Douthat guy first make his big splash with a book about his having gone to Harvard? Now we have his lament for Palin. The elites did it, I believe is his conclusion.

If Palin is the Harry Truman of our times, then I have to rethink Truman.

I don't have much to say about the Palin bow out--to be honest, I doubt that we know everything there is to know to make sense of what must be one of the strangest events in U.S. politics in quite some time--but I will add that the "she was tired of the media overexposure" meme is complete bullshit.

Palin sought out media attention. She exposed herself and her family to media attention willingly.

Don't believe me?


No one has ever been "forced" to be featured in Runner's World. In fact, the "I'm a Runner" series is basically about self-promotion, although, to their credit, the editors of the magazine occasionally present someone who is not a celebrity. Occasionally. But most of the time, my guess is that you pursue the magazine and not the other way around.

And there's the wee one, too. In the picture. If she wanted to shield the kids, she could have said no. Isn't that right, Douthat?


At 6:43 PM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

It just goes to show that, no matter how much they differ in style, substance, and relative sanity, the one thing all conservatives share is an overwhelming sense of victimization by America. Palin turns herself into a sick joke, and, well, it can't be her own fault. It can't be that she's a narcissistic twit with all the maturity, self-awareness, and mental stability of Michael Jackson (and none of the talent). It can't be that Republicans have cast their collective emotional lot with a charismatic dipshit who is as corrupt as her husband is treasonous.

No, it must be that the "liberal media" was out to get her. Damn that coarsening of American discourse, where we report what politicians say and do and then judge them for it (when we're not pandering to them over it)!!! Oh for the days when we could just mock an ugly Clinton daughter, or tar Al Gore a "liar" based on made-up quotes, or smear John Kerry as a wound-faking traitor based on the testimony of people who had never met him.

I still enjoy reading Douthat, but he has had a tough run lately. I blame the liberal media for printing the shit he's been writing.


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