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Friday, February 03, 2012

Warmest Winter on record

in the continental U.S., or, at least, we are on track for such. Plus, the warmest summers/years in history cluster in the last decade or two. But nothing to see, people. Move along. I don't care if your trees and bushes are budding in the first week of February . . . that's not something out of the ordinary.

Btw, here in D.C., basically every tree and bush is budding, if not flowering/blossoming, this week (or last week, or even weeks before). The "winter" has been freakish--with snow in October (!!!), once in January, and maybe this weekend--but mostly unseasonably warm. I think I've run THREE TIMES in running tights. Generally, it's shorts weather.

Today, February 3, just a heavyweight hoodie, and we spent a lot of time outside. (In "classic" terms, my hoodie today would be Michigan in June or September weight.)

(This is an issue for me: Like my dad, I don't get cold that easy, but I do overheat quickly. So even in winter, my normal dress now is short-sleeves, with a layer on top. I generally can't wear sweaters anymore. Almost never inside.)

We are doomed, people.


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